About Jenni’s PRints

Hi, I’m Jenni!

I’m a web designer, blogger, illustrator and multiple small business owner from Sweden, oh, and also a digital marketer focusing on SEO, UX and social marketing. What can I say, I like learning new things! 


I create colorful and happy illustrations and products of all the things I love and see around me. 


Growing up in Sweden I fell in love with American pop culture and classic TV-shows like Buffy, X-Files and Twin Peaks, so when I first started out in 2011 I recreated a lot of the things I saw in my favorite TV-shows and movies. From those illustrations I grew Jenni’s Prints and turned it into a patch and pin company with over 18 000 orders on Etsy and 3800+ good reviews. Who would have thought!? 


I live together with my friend ‘til the end Henrik and our super cuddly adopted cat Ozzy Clements in a tiny log cabin in Duved, Åre, a village surrounded by mountains, lakes and woods as long as the eye can see in northern Sweden. 


During this past summer I started my second blog ever, (my first one was all about my life studying and living in Tokyo when I was 20), Log Cabin Lady, where I write about mountain life, cabin life, hygge and sustainable living and productivity.


Before moving to Åre in early 2020 I lived in Stockholm, Sweden and worked as a consumer product designer at Mojang, Minecraft. In my day to day I focused on creatively managing all homeware and publishing products, as well as party supplies, ornaments and stationery. Working at Mojang gave lots of great knowledge of the world of licensing and helped me grow as a designer. I’ve also worked as an SEO Expert for the scandinavian consulting company Knowit and as an e-Commerce Specialist at the Swedish children’s clothing brand Mini Rodini.

Jenni's Prints - Jennifer Hammervald

More about me

When I’m not running Jenni’s Prints and my blog Log Cabin Lady I also run my business Åre SEO, an SEO company helping businesses get seen online. In 2020 I got back into web design, which is something I really love doing and started a web agency, Dagsverket,  together with my friend programmer Pontus.


I offer freelance services within illustration, logo and brand identity, SEO and optimizing webshops, web design and building websites in WordPress and Squarespace. Check out my Services page for more info and click here to see my work/school journey!


All work and no play make Jenni an uncreative and stressed person, when I’m not working, packing orders or blogging I love to be outside. I used to be such an indoor person, at heart I still think I am, but I love being outside going on a walk or going cross country skiing in the winter. I also love gardening, something I first got into this spring and summer when we bought our tiny log cabin that came with a huge garden that never has been tended to.


I love watching cheesy feel good movies, anything from the Lifetime channel or Hallmark Mystery channel (love Murder she baked) or any holiday movie (even in summer) will do or any super scary horror movie works fine too.


I am obsessed with true crime and listen to way too many podcasts about it for it being a healthy obsession. Together with a few friends I’ve also started a wine and true crime get-together which makes me so happy!


You can follow me on Instagram for daily updated @jennisprints and all my dreamy mood boards on Pinterest @jennisprints and check out my other blog Log Cabin Lady where I share more about my everyday and my log cabin life.